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Sometimes there’s no time to bring out a calculator, and you have to solve a math problem with just your brain. Try out these tips to strengthen your mental math skills.

Mental Math Is About Brain Power

The ability to solve math equations without using a pen and paper or calculator is called mental math. To get better at math, you need to practice often and memorize your times tables. There are some other ways to work on your mental math skills that don’t involve crunching numbers. It’s all about making your brain stronger, so try these things out.
  • Puzzles: Doing some crossword puzzles or playing Sudoku serves as an exercise for your brain. A stronger brain can solve math problems with ease.
  • Get moving: Exercise stimulates brain cell growth. If you want to have a stronger, faster, and more powerful brain and body, you need to get moving.
  • Try something new: Refresh your brain and make it more agile by trying something different, whether it is a new hobby, reading a new book, or even eating an exotic dish. A new activity can give your brain a nice refresher and help you think more clearly when you’re doing your mental math.
  • Eat some chocolate: We told you about the power of superfoods and how they affect your learning. Dark chocolate is one of those superfoods. There’s been research that proves that people do calculations faster and more accurately after eating flavonols which are found in chocolate.

Practice Your Math Skills With Tutoring in Cypress

To get really good at math, you need to actually practice. If you feel like you need extra help working on your mathematical abilities or you’re looking to improve your study skills, try tutoring in Cypress. You can call The Tutoring Center, Cypress TX at (832) 703-6514 to learn about their tutoring options.


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