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Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar at Home
Grammar encompasses a series of rules that allow people to communicate in an effective manner, whether it is through the written or spoken word. Saying that it is important that your child has good grammar is an understatement, as it can impact their school, work, and social life. If you consider your child requires some assistance to master their grammar skills, here are a few ideas on how you can help.

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar

  1. Reading a variety of books by great authors can definitely make a difference in your understanding and mastery over grammar. Ensure your child reads around 20 minutes each day and that they pay attention how the material is written, so they can practice grammar at home.

  2. Your child may know the grammar rules, but unless they know how to employ them correctly, they won't be able to communicate adequately. Independent writing can provide the opportunity they need to actually put their knowledge to good use.

  3. An easy way to help your child practice their grammar skills is engaging them in conversation. They can listen to how you formulate sentences and they can practice grammar as they speak as well. Be sure to speak correctly and to point out any mistakes they're making so they can develop those skills.

  4. As a final tip, you can give your child other material to practice. Worksheets (which you can find online) and online spelling games, will give them more chances to practice and work on their skills.

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