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How to Use a Planner for School Success

A planner is a great tool that can help students of all ages be more successful during the school year. To help your child make the best use of their planner, teach them these tips.

Keep Track of Important Dates

The school year is full of important dates that can sneak up on students if they're not prepared. Have your child ask their teachers at the start of the school year for dates, such as dates for final exams, midterms, state testing, field trips, and project deadlines. Even if they're not happening soon, having them in their planner will make it easier for students to not lose sight of them.

Write Down Daily Homework Assignments

On top of these important dates, students should also use their planner to keep track of daily homework assignments. Before leaving class, your child should jot down their homework assignments so that they don't forget them by the time they get home.

Create Weekly Goals

Finally, remind your child to set aside a few minutes every weekend to plan for the upcoming week. Your child can look at their planner to see what important events they have coming up so that they are better prepared to tackle their priorities and prioritize them accordingly.

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