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Have you decided what your goals are going to be to make this school year better? This article will help you set some smart goals that you will actually follow through on.

Make Your Goals SMART

We’re in that time of the year when everyone is making resolutions and setting goals to improve themselves. The thing with goals is that you have to set them smartly or else they will be tough to accomplish. All smart goals should have the following characteristics.
  • Specific: When you’re setting your goals for this new year, you need to be specific about what you want. Saying you will to do better in school is not enough. How much better? In what areas do you want to do better? A smart way to set this goal would be, “I will review my notes each Friday to raise my grades.” You can get even more specific if you want to.
  • Measurable: You need to be able to measure your progress. If you don’t see any tangible changes or improvements, you’ll most likely give up. Set steps and target dates to reach your goal. Specify how you will know if you’ve achieved it.
  • Achievable: You need to set goals that you can actually reach. You can’t just decide that you will be a marathon runner in three months if you’ve never gone out for a walk before. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Instead, think of things you will be able to do with some effort.
  • Realistic: Some goals are really ambitious. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be difficult (if not impossible) to reach. You need to set goals that won’t be limited by factors like time and money. You can’t plan to join several after-school programs if you don’t have enough time to balance them with your school responsibilities or if you don’t have enough money to pay for those extra classes.
  • Timely: A goal should have a time frame. If you don’t set a timeframe there will be no sense of urgency, and you will just let it pass. Consider that changes don’t happen overnight. Give yourself enough time to reach your goal.

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