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Have you decided what your goals are going to be to make this school year better? This article will help you set some smart goals that you will actually follow through on.

Make Your Goals SMART

We’re in that time of the year when everyone is making resolutions and setting goals to improve...
Winter break means lazying around, relaxing, and forgetting about school, but this doesn’t mean that your child should stop learning. Keep those young minds in action during the holidays.

The Winter Slide Exists Too

The dreaded learning slide doesn’t only happen during summer vacation, it occurs...
Homework time is often a battle in many homes. If that is the case in your home, perhaps you should dig deeper and find out why your children struggle with their assignments. Here are some tips to help you figure it out.

Make Every Homework Session More Productive

Homework is necessary to...
Encouraging children to read can be challenging. Regardless, you should try to inspire your children to fall in love with the world of books. Here are some ideas to help with that.

Encouraging a Love of Books at Home

Reading is a skill that your children will use throughout their whole academic...
A second language is not only a useful tool when looking for a job. There are many benefits to being bilingual or multilingual. Learn some of them in this post and sign your child up to learn a new language. A new school year has begun, if you're looking for ways to make this new school year...
Having a great school year isn’t just about getting better grades. A great school year is about making positive changes that can stay with your child throughout their whole life. Here are some suggestions to make this new school year a good one. A new school year means saying goodbye to relaxing...
Learning doesn’t have to be all about books. This summer, you can try some fun activities, like planning a trip or having a game night to keep your children learning. 

When students think about summer, they picture themselves getting up late, having fun with their friends, family vacations,...
Every student should have decent studying skills if they hope to be successful in school. Great skills can make exams easier and less stressful. Try out these tips to improve your study skills. No one is born with good study skills, they are something you need to work on to improve. Having good...
Follow these tips to help you reduce your math anxiety. Don't let it get the better of you, working on it fast will allow you a better school life. Math anxiety refers to that crippling fear of dealing with numbers. Thinking about working with math can make you feel nervous, lower your...
Being easily distracted is something that affects all students. With so much technological stimuli, it’s easy to get distracted. Unfortunately, those distractions can affect your grades at school. However, there are some tricks you can try to increase your ability to focus and get back on the...


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