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Tips for Online Tests

Most students will be used to taking tests in person, so having to take one online can throw them off. To help your child be as prepared as possible for an online test, teach them these tips.

Have a Plan

Ideally, all will go well as your child takes their test. However, this isn't always the case. Some students may have to deal with a laggy computer, the power being shut off, or even faulty wifi. To prevent these things from negatively affecting your child's test, have a plan to resolve them quickly. For example, if your child is using a laptop, be sure it's fully charged before they start and have it plugged so that the battery doesn't suddenly die.

Get Your Test Taking Area Ready

Have your child pick the area where they will be taking their test before their test actually starts. Help them find a quiet area where they can concentrate and not get distracted. They should also ensure they have all the supplies they need nearby.

Keep Track of the Time

Finally, teach your child to manage their time wisely. It's likely they'll have a time limit, so ensure they look up to check the time every so often. They can also set a timer to keep track of how much time they have left.

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