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Learn to Detect Academic Burnout

You may have noticed that school is a lot more demanding nowadays. For students, this can mean constant pressure and stress, which can result in burnout. If you're worried that your child is suffering from burnout, look out for these telltale signs.

Constant Exhaustion

When your child is feeling overwhelmed and pressured for a long time, this can take a toll on their daily habits. They may be up late studying and losing sleep because of their constant worries. This can result in a constant state of exhaustion that they just can't shake no matter how much they sleep. This exhaustion will be mental, emotional, and physical, so simply sleeping won't fix it.

Physical Symptoms of Burnout

If your child isn't getting sleep or is unable to relax, this can take a toll on their body. They may not be feeling well and end up getting sick more often. You may notice them complaining about body aches and headaches more often than usual. It's also common for students with burnout to develop bad habits, such as overeating, forgetting to eat, staying up late, and biting their nails.

Inability to Focus

Because your child is constantly stressed, their mind will often be somewhere else. This can make it a lot harder to focus on whatever is in front of them. This will make it even harder for them to complete small tasks, which can lead to a lack of motivation as well. Your child will need to slow down and take real breaks from their academics. Talk to them about the pressure they feel and find a way to deal with the anxiety they're feeling. Once they have the help they need, it will be easier to fight back against the burnout they're feeling.

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