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Winter break means lazying around, relaxing, and forgetting about school, but this doesn’t mean that your child should stop learning. Keep those young minds in action during the holidays.

The Winter Slide Exists Too

The dreaded learning slide doesn’t only happen during summer vacation, it occurs over winter break as well. It can happen any time children are away from school for an extended period. It’s great that youngsters get a break from school and have some time to relax, but they shouldn’t let their brains get lazy. Here are some fun holiday-inspired ideas to keep those learning minds working this winter.

Holiday Cards

If your family keeps a tradition of sending holiday cards to your friends and family, this year you can make them a little bit different. Your children can make personalized greeting cards and write their own message. These cards will mean so much more because they are handmade with love.

When in Doubt, Read

Reading is always a good idea, no matter what the season is. During the winter, getting cozy with a good book and a warm blanket is even more tempting. If your children are book lovers, you’ll have no problem getting them interested in this idea. If they’re not, you can try some of these tips. Visit your local library or favorite bookstore and get some winter inspired books.

Learn About Different Holiday Traditions

How about learning about other cultures? Take some time to do some research together or watch holiday films to learn about how other cultures celebrate their holidays. For instance, in this country, children get their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus, but in Mexico, they get them from the Three Wise Men.

Tutoring After Winter Break

Once your children are ready to go back to school, you should sign them up for tutoring. The Tutoring Center, Cypress TX offers several tutoring programs that your children can benefit from. Call them at (832) 703-6514 to learn all about them.


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