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Ideas to Help Ensure Your Student Is Ready for School

With the new school year almost here, now is your last chance to ensure that your student has everything they will need to conquer the year ahead. Below are some helpful tips from The Tutoring Center, Cypress TX to get your started.

Is Their School Bag up to the Task?

The best place to start is with a new school bag. While their old one may be usable, a fresh new bag is a good way to help your student recognize that it’s a new school year. When you are looking, consider these items:
  • That it has two straps to protect your student’s posture.
  • It is large enough to keep not only books but also any learning tools.
  • If your student uses a laptop, look for one with a purpose designed protective pouch.
  • It’s fashionable.
The last point is especially crucial because if your child doesn’t like their bag then they aren’t likely to take care of it and they are more likely to leave it behind where it will become a lost item.

What Goes in the School Bag?

With each new school year, the classes become harder and more complex. This often requires more tools, such as protractors, etc. Sit down with your student and discuss the stationery and learning items they will need for the year ahead. Once you have your list, look through their current items to see what they can use and which items you will need to buy new.

Prepare Their Brain and Body

In addition to the above items, it’s important to prepare your student’s brain and their body. After being away from their school routine it can often become difficult to fall back into a school schedule once the new year starts. To prepare for this, consider moving their sleep and wake up time earlier and earlier in the lead-up. Additionally, do your best to prevent naps and encourage them to stay active during the day. This can help their bodies become accustomed to being alert during the entire school day and not nap when they feel tired.

Fill in the Gaps With Tutoring

If your student feels nervous about the new school year because they felt uneasy about a few lessons in the past year, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Cypress TX by calling (832) 703-6514 to book your free diagnostic assessment and find out how tutoring can help your student hit the ground running when it comes time for the new school year.


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