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Tips to Help Students With Test-Taking Anxiety

Tests can feel like the most important thing in the world to students, which is also why they can be the source of major stress for them. If your child panics when they have a test coming up, teach them these tips to make test-taking easier.

Learn to Study

Studying should never be left to the night before a test. This can only amp up the amount of stress and anxiety your child will feel as they discover there's too much to study in one night. Your child should develop a study routine and aim to study at least a bit every day after school. This will ensure they're better prepared whenever a test is approaching.

Slow Down During the Test

When students are stressed, they may try to rush through the test. This can lead to careless mistakes that can take a toll on their grade. Remind your child to slow down and read everything carefully. The directions are important as are the questions they need to answer. It's also important that they take their time solving the problems presented so that they don't make small mistakes that lead to a wrong answer.

Ask Questions

Finally, your child should get comfortable with asking questions when they're lost. This means they should ask for help in class when learning a new lesson they don't understand as well as during a test when they don't understand the directions. This will ensure they have the information they need to succeed.

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