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Tips to Make Math More Manageable

Math can be a tough subject for many. In fact, it can even cause anxiety in some students. If your child is already feeling scared off by their math lessons, use these tips to help them get more comfortable with it.

Avoid Time Limits

Timed-tests and similar practices often cause students to freeze up and give up. Rather than teaching them how to work through roadblocks and tough spots in a math problem, this can teach them to give up. Give your child plenty of time to work through a math problem without pushing them to be faster.

Establish a Growth Mindset

Many students think that being able to do math with little struggle is a talent someone has, but this isn't true. Teach your child that, like all things, improving their math skills takes time and work. This sort of mindset will make math seem more manageable so that they're not tempted to give up on it. Remember to acknowledge their improvements and their hard work so that they feel more motivated.

Turn Math into a Game

Math can get boring, making it something your student avoids. Look for ways to make math more fun, whether it's by turning it into a game or using their toys to explain some math problems.

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