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Develop Your Child's Work from Home Schedule

While your child is working from home, they may have a harder time staying on task. This can be the result of a number of factors, which means there are many ways to combat their struggles. Below are some ways to keep them focused.

Start Mornings off Right

Rather than starting the day late and working in pajamas, ensure that your child gets up at their regular hour and gets ready for school. This will help them get in the right mood to start the day off motivated and on the right foot. It also helps to prepare a breakfast they'll be excited for.

Create a To-Do List

In order to help your child stay on task, create a to-do list with them. This should include what lessons and assignments they need to cover as well as breaks they should take throughout the day. This will ensure they don't forget what they need to be doing while also making sure they don't forget important breaks.

Be Flexible

Working from home may be something new for your child, so do your best to be understanding. This can take some adapting, which isn't necessarily easy. Be patient and supportive so that your child doesn't get more stressed than they already are.

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