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What to Do After Receiving a Low Test Score

Your child will have to take a huge number of tests during their academic career, and chances are they won't get a perfect score on all of them. When they score lower than they anticipated, they may feel devasted. To help them move past it and do better next time, use these tips.

Get to the Bottom of It

Since your child is probably already feeling down and disappointed, there's no need to add any more negativity. Instead, sit down with them and go over the test together to see what went wrong. Instead of assuming they didn't study, do your best to identify the underlying issue. This can be anything from studying the wrong material to a lack of time management skills.

Plan Ahead

Once it's clear what went wrong (this can be a combination of things), come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again. If your child needs help studying, consider enrolling them in tutoring. If test-taking anxiety is getting in the way of them doing their best, look for techniques to overcome this and practice them at home. Whatever the issue is, find a way to overcome it.

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