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Kindergarten Prep Tips for Parents

Starting kindergarten is a big step for many young students. For parents, it can be just as big of a step to drop their child off for their first day of school. To ensure you're both prepared for a successful start to their academic career, use these tips before the first day arrives.

Get to Know the School

If your child didn't attend preschool, their first day of kindergarten can be tough. Getting used to not being at home and instead of being in a classroom with children and teachers they don't recognize can be tough. On top of that, they'll have to get used to being in new surroundings. To make this transition easier and less stressful, take your child to their new school before their first day. This will help them recognize the place and be more comfortable on the first day of class. If possible, take them to their classroom and have them meet their teacher so that they recognize a friendly face and the space on their first day.

Practice Basic Lessons

In the past, the first day of kindergarten meant you were just starting school. However, academics have gotten more competitive throughout the years. This means most students are entering kindergarten having already mastered basic skills like identifying letters, writing their name, counting in different multiples, basic math skills, and storytelling skills. Practice these lessons at home if your child isn't attending preschool so that they aren't behind before they start.

Teach Independence

Your child will be expected to listen, follow directions, and complete assignments in class with a bit of help. In order for them to master this, it can help to teach them to be independent at home. Have your child be responsible for things like getting dressed, doing some chores, cleaning up after themselves so that they start learning to be independent.

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