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Cleaning and Learning

Spring can mean two very different things to people. Students will consider it for their vacation, while parents will think to their spring clean. If your children are going to be helping you during this spring clean, The Tutoring Center, Cypress TX has some tips to help make the task educational.


By the time you present your cleaning plan to your children and delegate their tasks, they have already missed out on a powerful lesson on time-management. This spring clean, include your children when you plan:
  • As you are writing your list, teach your children the techniques you use to remember everything which needs to be done.
  • When estimating how long each task will take, share your calculations and what you consider.
  • When it comes time to prioritize, not only teach your techniques but also the importance of the task itself.
  • While you are putting everything together to get the most out of your cleaning hours, invite your children’s input and show them how you piece it all together.
This is a great time-management lesson and also provides a general framework for students to use when managing competing academic priorities.

Basic Calculations

For simple calculations and measurements, your furniture can provide a great platform to teach. Instead of simply sliding your large furniture items back and forth while you clean underneath and around them, ask your children to measure each of the furniture items and then, using this information, look for both a place to move the item to and a route to take. During this task, if you can see that an item isn’t going to fit, don’t be afraid to help them move it anyway. This can provide them with a great practical lesson which can help them improve their next attempts.

Tutoring Can Help Your Student Improve Their Grades

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