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Encourage Your Child to Write More

If writing is not your child's favorite activity in school, it can be hard to get them to practice these skills. Check out the activities below to encourage your child to write more and improve their skills.

Practice Writing Letters

If your child is stuck at home, this can get boring quite fast. They may be missing their friends and being social, so use this to your advantage. Encourage your child to write letters or postcards to their friends the old fashioned way. Instead of texting or using social media, have them write letters they can mail to them. Their friends will love getting something in the mail and they may even send something back to your child.

Create a Daily Challenge

Gift your child a new journal and get them excited for daily writing challenges. You can come up with writing prompts together and choose a random one daily. They can also choose to free write in their journal about whatever they're feeling inspired by on a given day. The idea is to simply get them in the habit of writing so that they practice their skills and enjoy the activity.

Write Together

Finally, be sure to join your child when they write. This doesn't mean you have to write a journal entry together, but rather, you can work on your own writing as they do theirs. This will set a great example for your child and will keep them motivated to keep writing.

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