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Tips to Help Your Child Choose a College Major

If college is right around the corner for your child, chances are they're feeling excited. If they haven't chosen a college major yet, this excitement can turn into stress very fast. Before your child gets overwhelmed by this decision, use these tips to help them pick a major.

Get to Know Your Child's Interests

If your child has no idea what they want to major in, it can help to identify their interests. Encourage your child to make a list of the things they enjoy, from classes to hobbies, to help them get closer to what they want. When they have these listed, help them identify what careers these interests can lead to. For example, if your child loves art, this can lead to majoring in art history and a career as a museum curator.

Choose a Career Path

If your child already knows what their career goals are, this can make it easier to choose a major. Your child may know that they want to be a medical doctor but they may not be sure what they should major in for their undergraduate studies. Since they will need to go to medical school, they should get to know the requirements to get in. Getting to know these will make it easier to choose a major that will get them closer to their career goals.

Take It Easy

Finally, remind your child that they can enter school without having declared a major. They can start off by taking general education classes while they explore their interests. Once they feel ready to make a decision, they can choose their major without all the stress.

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