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Stress-Free Mornings Before School

If your family struggles to get out the door on time on most school days, you're not alone. These tips can help your mornings stress-free and even enjoyable before sending your children off to school.

Pack Everything the Night Before

Mornings can be tricky as everyone is scrambling to find all the things they need before heading out the door. To get rid of some of this chaos, have your children pack their backpack and lunchbox the night before so they aren't running around looking for their homework and permission slips. It can also help to have them lay out an outfit the night before so that they aren't left to tear up the house as they look for their favorite sweater in the morning.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Without enough sleep, your child will likely be sluggish, cranky, and forgetful in the morning. This can make even the most simple of tasks a real struggle. To avoid the issues this can bring with it throughout the day, ensure your child gets to bed on time every night.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

It may be hard, but do your best to remain patient and helpful in the morning. No matter how chaotic things get, use your problem-solving skills to get your children ready and out the door on time without anyone getting upset. This will help you all have better and more productive days.

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