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Dictionaries can get us closer to having a better understanding of others and their ideas, which is why it's a good idea to provide one for your child. However, if they're to use it as an effective learning tool, they should learn how to employ it first. If you'd like to know how you can help your child in this respect, refer to the post below.

How to Teach a Child to Use a Dictionary

Learn the ABCs

To find a word in a dictionary, you need to know the order the letters are in. For that reason, it's crucial that your child is familiar with the alphabet before they begin using a dictionary. Go over the ABC song with them until they have it memorized.

Provide an Appropriate Dictionary

There are translation dictionaries, medical dictionaries, legal dictionaries, and many others. Give your child one that's appropriate for them and where they are in their learning process. That's why, a pocket-sized and update English dictionary is best for them.

Explain the Different Components

Most dictionaries are made up of different components, such as the thesaurus, the part of speech, the pronunciation, the guide words, among others. Ensure your child knows what they are and how they can help them become a better student and learner.

Start Searching for Words

Once all of the basics are down, you should begin your first search for unknown words. Remind your child that they should start looking for the section the first letter of the word is in. When they get there, they can use of the guide words to find what they need.

Comprehend the Definitions

The last step is a crucial one, since your child won't benefit from a dictionary if they don't understand the definitions of the words they search. To correct that, encourage them to look for unknown words within the definition, so the meaning can become clearer.

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