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Tips to Help Students With Test-Taking Anxiety

Tests can feel like the most important thing in the world to students, which is also why they can be the source of major stress for them. If your child panics when they have a test coming up, teach them these tips to make test-taking easier.



Learn to Detect Academic Burnout

You may have noticed that school is a lot more demanding nowadays. For students, this can mean constant pressure and stress, which can result in burnout. If you're worried that your child is suffering from burnout, look out for these telltale signs.



How to Use Mistakes to Grow

As a student, a bad grade can feel like the end of the world. Students may be scared to ask for help or they may feel like they simply aren't capable of learning like their peers. Help your child lose this mindset with these tips.

Learn from Mistakes

When your child...

Useful School Habits for Students

It can be tricky for students to breeze through school, but developing the right habits can definitely make things easier. To ensure your child is able to handle their school commitments easily, teach them these tips.

Create a Reasonable Schedule

Help your child...

Get Your Child to Be More Effective With Their Homework Time

Most students aren't looking forward to completing homework after school, so that they may put it off for as long as possible. If this sounds like your child, it's best to get them back into the habit of doing their homework as soon as...

Encourage Your Child to Write More

If writing is not your child's favorite activity in school, it can be hard to get them to practice these skills. Check out the activities below to encourage your child to write more and improve their skills.

Practice Writing Letters

If your child is stuck at...

Tips to Make Math More Manageable

Math can be a tough subject for many. In fact, it can even cause anxiety in some students. If your child is already feeling scared off by their math lessons, use these tips to help them get more comfortable with it.

Avoid Time Limits

Timed-tests and similar...

How to Use a Planner for School Success

A planner is a great tool that can help students of all ages be more successful during the school year. To help your child make the best use of their planner, teach them these tips.

Keep Track of Important Dates

The school year is full of important dates...

How to Keep up With School Lessons

It's no secret that some students struggle to keep up with class lessons. If your child struggles to keep up with the rest of the class, use these tips to ensure they have an easier time in class.

Go to Bed on Time

Students who don't get enough sleep will have...

Easy Tips for a Great Summer Break

This summer can be a great one for your child, they may just need help getting there. Encourage your child to use their summer to learn something new, to gain new skills, and to have fun at the same time with these useful tips.

Work Towards Something

It's a...


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