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"OMG! This place is amazing! The entire staff is so warm and welcoming. My kids went for a free diagnostic assessment and we all fell in love! Aliya, the center director, is very thorough and she lets you know EVERYTHING you need to know about the program. I was totally blown away and immediately won over when they mentioned that they communicate with the student's teacher(s) and followed the districts lesson plans so they are right on task with what the teachers are actually teaching in class. They help prepare for STARR exams and are very flexible with scheduling. Each child has their own individualized plan for achievement and they really give good incentives to help motivate and encourage the kids to DO THEIR BEST at school, in the classroom, at the center, and in everyday life. My kids love, love, love this place....and so do I!! We signed up and have gone for two classes now. After the first class- as a matter of fact, after out free assessment session, my kids were begging to go back! As a concerned and involved parent, they really made me feel comfortable about getting good results. And that's what mattered the most. This one-on-one tutoring center is the best I've seen. It's worth every penny!! Can't wait to see what the final results will be. We're excited and hoping for the best! Go check them out...NOW! I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed!"
Carla Saa
"My Son was struggling in math so I decided to check out The Tutoring Center. The director Aliya Chiali is amazing!! She really takes the time out to explain the program and listen to your concerns. She comes up with the best possible solution to get to the root of the problem. The staff is warm and friendly (which won my Son over). I can't express enough about the awesome staff and program that The Tutoring Center provides. In the little time he's been there, I have seen the confidence he has gained. He is a very shy person and takes a while to open up, but he is making progress with his eye contact. He really enjoys going and that's what I love. He is starting to fall back in love with math as well."
Shanta B.
"First impressions of this place is great. The staff is very friendly and my children felt very comfortable there. They seem to have a very good system and place. I really like how they knew when the testing dates were for each school district and they are willing to contact your School's teachers and find out what and how they are teaching in the classroom. We are super excited to be joining the tutoring places team and hoping that our children progressed in the way we would like to see. They also have a great reward program for them. The kids are very excited to work hard and earn prizes."
Misty Abulimen
"The Tutoring Center is a good place to send your kids to help them with what they're struggling with or trying to get ahead in school. Teachers are good, friendly and always work with the kids to find the best strategy based on their current level."
Charanjit Singh
"We love The Tutoring Center! They focus one on one with each student and do an amazing job of keeping them excited and interested in learning. All of the tutors are enthusiastic and supportive. In two months, my daughter went from hating reading to picking up a book and reading independently. It brought me to tears to see her enjoying books. Aliya and all the staff are truly dedicated to bringing out the best in each child. I highly recommend them!"
Robin Trebec
"The tutoring center has been a blessing to my two sons. Both have different reasons for needing the extra help and both have seen great improvement within a short 2 months. The staff is friendly and supportive and treats you like apart of a family not a student for them to profit from. They have shown an interest in my children's education that I am very grateful for."
Sandra Rowland-Munoz
"The Tutoring center has been very helpful in my success with math. Everyone is exited to learn creating a great learning environment for all. The staff is very nice and eager to get you started. I plan to continue my tutoring sessions here."
Karina Revuelta
"The center has such a good way with helping the students' individual needs in learning, as no two students learn alike, and have seen some children learn past their current level and excel at it. This is a great place to bring your child for extra improvement in their schooling!"
Angelica G.
"I am so grateful to the staff for all they did to help my daughter improve on her math. They are so friendly and caring, God bless you all."
Abayomi Taiwo
"My tutor has made want to learn math. My tutoring secession is always a success. I learn things more here than in my actual class."
Kenneth Ramirez, 9th grade, Harmony School of Discovery
"There are simply no words to describe the fulfillment it gives me to be a tutor at this center and a tool in the development of its students. I have only been there for a month, but I already love everyone who works there and enjoy every minute I get with my students! It is unlike any other center I have visited before in the sense that it allows you to get to know the students at a greater level; what they like and dislike about learning, their learning style, thinking process, and overall personalities. By familiarizing ourselves with the students, we are able to deliver material in the most efficient way and help our students reach their maximum potential."
Ana Diaz Covarrubias 
"This center has given me the wonderful gift of getting to work with children of all ages. From a brilliant 4 year old in pre-k to a hard working 11th grader dedicated to self improvement! Having such an array of students makes this center so unique and the passion my coworkers and I have for these kids makes my job so fulfilling! I can't imagine a better place to spend my day. Here at The Tutoring Center, we work hard to ensure every single one of our kids is getting the best use of their time and our recourses. We customize learning at the individual level because we know learning is as unique as the student!"
Marina Hanlon
"I like that I can ask the tutors when I have questions on my math for school. Last year math was hard for me. I feel that I know a lot more about math this year compared to last year. Because I now understand more about what my teacher is explaining, other kids in my class ask me to help them on their math."
Madelyn Poteet, 6th grade, Rockbrook Elementary School
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"I like the tutors and getting ahead in math."
Ross, 12th grade, Flower Mound High School
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"What I like about going to The Tutoring Center is that everyone is so polite even when I’m not in my best of moods! I also like learning new things about math that I have a hard time understanding while still having fun."
Kendyll, 10th grade, iSchool
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
“I love The Tutoring Center because it’s really fun and we get praised. My favorite part of going to The Tutoring Center is the teachers. They are really nice and fun."
Kristen, 8th grade, Downing Middle School
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